Daily Programs

Along with getting your hands wet at the touch tanks and seeing life up close at our microscope station, check out our daily program presentation!

2017 Daily Program Schedule (11:30 and 3:00)

Mondays: Animal of the Week
Tuesdays: Otolith Observers
Wednesdays: Whale…who do we have here?*
Thursdays: Story Time
Fridays: Space Invaders**

*Whale program is a new one which will feature our whale species (ID, sounds, baleen vs. toothed, food sources)
**People who play Space Invaders will have the chance to choose the next Animal of the Week!

Weekend Programs

July 8 & July 9: Tiny and Mighty *
July 15 -16: Plastic Pollution
July 22 -23: Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle
July 29 -30: Dissection Days

*(Teeny Tiny Tuesdays, weekend edition)

Our mission is to foster curiosity about local marine life and inspire action toward personal and global sustainability through display, interpretation and direct action.

Guest Interpreters

Dr. Massey

August 12, 2016   1:00pm

Story Time with Dr. Massey, Director of Student Life at Memorial University

Seamus O'Regan

July 30, 2016

Seamus was our very first Guest Interpreter, absolutely rocking the presentation of a squid dissection to the public outside the aquarium. Aided by one of our returning interpreters Emily, Seamus signed his name in squid ink to make it official!